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1月, 2014年




今月は、 ポークビーンズ and クリームシチュー の選択でした。

結果は…   ポークビーンズ 11名   and   クリームシチュー 38名   でした。


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In the past few years, text messaging and e mail have become


Edit: For the people messaging me angry about my fathers “unethical furniture practices” you can cool your jets. He doesn do anything with casegoods, he almost exclusively produces leather couches and armchairs. Instead they only have a single type of haploid cell involved with sexual reproduction the homokaryon.

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Please think about it for a minute


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平成25年度 城山学園凧揚げ大会






But ground reality has also changed in the year that he was


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In simple terms, a company that targets specialty customers


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